Classical Cannetille Silver Amethyst Tiara

Classical Cannetille Silver Amethyst Tiara

I love it when a piece gives me plenty to think about. I’ve been examining and researching this lovely headpiece ever since I got it. (I love it so much that I’ve been wearing it, much to the surprise of my new neighbour but without any reaction from my family who are no longer surprised by such things). I do hope I’ve made the correct assessment of this amazing tiara (with antiques there is rarely 100% certainly, especially when it’s one of a kind like this one).

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To see more about this amazing piece, please click here.



Conde Nast Brides

Conde Nast Brides

Conde Nast BRIDES magazine (the biggest selling Bridal magazine in the UK) have just contacted me, offering to feature Elder and Bloom in three issues over the winter! I’ll be giving updates as each issue it published.

To start getting ready for all the lovely brides, I created two new Pinterest boards.

I hope you enjoy them.

The first showcases current and past Elder and Bloom bridal treasures.

The second board is a collection of brides in historical art and photography (I’ll keep adding to this one as time goes on):


Elder and Bloom reopens!

Elder and Bloom reopens!

Thank you for your patience everyone! The brand new Elder and Bloom Etsy Shop is now officially open and I am in business once again. (Many of you will remember my company’s previous incarnation – Pippa Tree Vintage. I hope you like the new branding and the new name!)

Here is a taste of what we have for sale so far. Only ten things thus far but they are beautiful things… and there will be hundreds more beautiful treasures being listed in the coming days and weeks.  This is only a small beginning. Click on the images below to be taken through to the shop.

Let the fun begin!

May 28, 2017