Trilogy and Trinity Rings

The term ‘trilogy ring’ usually refers to a ring which has the popular three stone design, generally three diamonds, or one diamond with two other gemstones on either side.  Often, the central stone is slightly larger or set slightly higher than the other two stones on either side. 

Trilogy rings are often given as engagement rings or to mark anniversaries and other special occasions but they can also be given as a romantic gift for oneself or a loved one. They are also sometimes worn to mark the birth of a first or a third child. I have not been able to find out the exact history of these rings, although I am still researching.  They appear to be associated with the Art Deco era.  If you have any specific knowledge about the history of trilogy rings, I would love to hear.

Trilogy rings are said to a way of saying ‘you are my past, present and future’.  They could also represent the Holy Trinity from Christian tradition or symbolize a couple with God in the center of their relationship. In the case of the ring being given to a mother upon the birth of her first child, the ring would represent the mother and father standing on either side of the child.  


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The term ‘trinity ring’ usually refers to the style of three banded, interlocking ring made popular by Cartier in 1924. The classic version of this ring is created from pink, yellow and white gold. Trinity rings could also be said to have the same symbolic meaning as ‘trilogy rings’, although the Cartier site suggests the trinity ring represents ‘love, fidelity and friendship’. 

Cartier Trilogy Ring

Cartier Trinity Ring