Table cut: a diamond cut.

Table: largest facet on the crown of a gemstone.

Taille d’epargné: (black enamel tracery).  A  variation of champlevé enamel.

Tanzanite: purplish blue gemstone variety of zoisite.

Tassie: a paste or glass copy of a cameo or intaglio, created by James Tassie (1735-1799).

Taxco: main center for silver jewelry production in Mexico.

Taylor-Burton Diamond: diamond previously owned by Elizabeth Taylor.

Tendril: Popular Motif (often used with cannetille).

Terminal:  Ornate ends of a necklace or bangle often decorated with heads of a lion, dragon, goat etc.

Tennis bracelet: bracelet with links set with gemstones (usually diamonds) in a straight line.

Tesserae: (plural for tessera: Latin for having 4 corners) Small square or rectangle stones of glass, marble or gemstone used in micro-mosaics.

Three-quarter-cut: Cultured pearl with portion removed.

Tiara: A crown-like head ornament.

Tiffany & Co: Renowned American jewellers, opened in 1837, New York.

Tiffany Setting: a gemstone setting created by Tiffany & Co.

Tiger’s-eye:  a chatoyant quartz, brownish yellow to brown or reddish brown.

Tillander: (1860 – present). Finnish jewellers.

Tin-cup: Necklace, particularly pearl, where the gems or beads are separated by lengths of chain.

Titanium: low density, silver coloured chemical element (a metal).

Tombak (in French: Tombac): a copper alloy  with maximum 9% zinc. (German word for Pinchbeck.)

Tooth test: Method for detecting pearl imitations.

Topaz: A gemstone which can be a wide range of colours, including colourless.

Torre del Greco: area in Italy famous for cameo.

Torsade: Twisted strands of pearls or beads creating a necklace and (less often) a bangle.

Tortoise shell: popular material in Victorian jewellery, can be mottled brown, yellow, black or white.

Touchstone: hard, black, smooth stone used to test gold or silver purity.

Tour à réduire: technique that allowed a large scale, detailed model or sculpture to be duplicated as a smaller object.

Tourmaline: a large and varied. family of minerals.

Trabert & Hoeffer-Mauboussin: American jewellers, began in 1920s, ended in 1971.

Trapeze Cut: Gemstone cut – equilateral triangle with flat top.

Trapiche: emerald with central green area radiating six green arms.

Trefoil: decorative element composed of three circular elements linked together.

Tremblant: Jewelry with a trembling effect created by stiff wires that move (en tremblant).

Tricolor gold: when three colours of gold are used together.

Trifari: Costume jewellery company, founded in 1910 (Trifari and Trifari) in Ellis Island by Italian Gustavo Trifari.

Trinity ring: invented by Cartier in 1924, consists of 3 interwoven rings.

Triplet: a composite stone created  out of three parts.

Troy ounce: unit of measure for precious metal.

Tube setting: a setting create from a tube which is the same inside diameters as the diameter of the stone.

Tubogas: A flexible tubular chain (also known as a ‘gas pipe’).

Turnau (Turnov): town in the Czech Republic, traditional home of bohemian garnets.

Turquoise: blue, blue-green or grey-green opaque gemstone.

Tutti Frutti: Jewelry set with multi colored gems often with carved leaves, flowers and berries in a basket motif.

Twin or triplet pearls: Two or three cultured pearls that grow together.


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