Faberge, Peter Carl (1846-1920): Jeweler to the Russian czar.

Fabricated: Jewelry that is made from component parts.

Facet: One individual surface section of a gemstone.

Fausse Montre: a false, decorative watch without a movement popular in the Georgian ear.

Faux: French for ‘false’

Falize: French Jewelry House.

Fan: Hand held accessory for cooling the face.

Fancy Diamond: A colored diamond whose color is intense enough to be a plus rather than a minus.

Fede Ring: Ring with a hands motif.

Feldspar: a gem group.

Fer de Berlin: a type of cast iron jewelry (also called ‘Berlin Iron’).

Ferroniere (French): A type of jeweled headband worn across a woman’s forehead.

Festoon: A jewelry motif involving an arrangement of flowers, fruit of foliage. (From the Latin for ‘feast’).

French Enamel: Fine miniature painting in enamel.

Flato: American Jeweler of the 1930s and 1940s.

Filigree: A metal working technique using fine wires.

Fibula: type of brooch used for securing robes, especially in ancient Rome.

Fichu Pin (or ‘Lace Pin’): Type of brooch meant for securing a fichu, which is a type of triangular scarf, often made of lace.

Figaro Chain: Type of curb chain made from alternating lengths.

Figural: Jewelry with figural designs, such as animals or people.

Filling: Gemstone enhancement method.

Fin-de-Siècle: (French for ‘end of century’). Term used to describe the last quarter of the 19th century.

Findings: Small metal components utilized in jewelry manufacturing.

Fineness: A word relating to the proportion of pure gold or silver.

Fire: term used to describe flashes of spectral color in a gemstone as the result of dispersion.

Fire Agate: Type of gemstone.

Flame Fusion: Process to create synthetic gemstones, discovered in 1902.

Flame Structure: Optical phenomenon found in some non-nacreous pearls.

Flash Plating: a very thin deposit of metal not exceeding 10/1,000,000 of an inch.

Flaw: A blemish or imperfection, either on the surface of a diamond or in the interior.

Flawless: The highest clarity grade for a diamond.

Fleur de Lis: Motif of a stylized lily, popularized by French monarchy.

French Cut: Type of gemstone cut.

French Gold: Copper alloy made of 80% copper, 15% zinc and 5% tin used to imitate gold.

French Ivory: yellowish-white plastic which imitates ivory. (Celluloid).

Freshwater pearls (also known as river pearls): pearls that develop inside freshwater mussels (can be cultured or natural).

Friction Back: Type of earring finding, patented in 1920, still in use today.

Florentine Finish: An engraving technique wherein parallel lines are cut into metal in two different directions.

Florentine Silver: a high relief style of silverware from Florence.

Fluorescence: emission of visible light when a material is illuminated by ultra-violet light or X-radiation.

Flush Setting or Mount: A method of gemstone setting where the stone is set down into the metal so that it’s table rests at the same level as the metal.

Fluting: surface texture, particularly of metals, in which parallel channels or grooves run across the object.

Flux: a flux is a liquid in which some solid substances melt at a lower temperature then their usual melting point. Literally means ‘flow’.

Fob: A small decorative item suspended by a watch chain (also called ‘fob chain’)

Fob Seal: A small seal used for wax stamping that rests at the base of a decorative mounting.

Foliate: a method of decorating a jewelry item with leaf (foliage) designs either as an engraving or a relief ornament.

Foiling: A process of enhancing the appearance of a gemstone’s color using foil.

Fools Gold: Pyrite.

Fouquet: French Jewelry known for its Renaissance revival and Art Nouveau work.

Forged: Metal that is shaped by heating then hammering into shape.

Fracture: A break or chip, caused by stress, that is in any direction other than parallel to the planes of atoms in a crystalline mineral.

French Jet: Black glass that is often used to imitate jet.

Fringe Necklace: necklace from which tassels, short chains, or small ornaments hang, creating the appearance of fringe.

Fruit Salad: jewelry set with bright colored gemstones or pastes.

Full-drilled: Pearl with a hole drilled all the way through to allow for stringing.

Fusion Welding: a bonding technique for metals.


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