Appliqué in jewelry is when decorative pieces of one material are attached onto the main piece.  This can also simply be referred to as ‘applied decoration’.  Normally, this technique is used with metal, but other materials such as hardstone may also be appliquéd.  This was a particularly popular technique throughout the Victorian era and also in Arts & Crafts Movement  jewelry.  Here are some examples below.


England, c.1903
Brooch, gilded silver, gold, enamel and turquoises
V&A Museum


England, c. 1916-1917
Brooch, silver, engraved with applied decoration
V&A Museum


London, c. 1855-73
Brooch, gold enamel, pearls and hair.
V&A Museum


England, c. 1880
Brooch, stamped and applied gold.
V&A Museum

In the late 1800s (after 1870 but before 1895) small amounts of platinum were often used as appliqué on gold.

File:Platinum appliqué.jpg

Platinum Appliqué
Lang Antiques


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