International Names for Art Nouveau

French Art Nouveau poster

The ‘New Art’ or ‘Art Nouveau’ Movement (1890-1914) was known by a variety of other names internationally.  Although each country had their own name for and interpretation of the Art Nouveau style, there were certain chief characteristics which united this design movement.  In this post, I am simply going to list the names for Art Nouveau in several major countries as I believe this knowledge is useful in the study of antique and period jewelry.

‘New Art’ or ‘Art Nouveau’ – Great Britain

‘Art Nouveau’ – France

‘Jugendstil’ – Germany and Norway and most Nordic Countries

‘Tiffany Style’ – USA

‘Stile Liberty’ – Italy

‘Sezessionstil’ – Austria

‘Secense’ – Czech lands

‘Arte Nova’ – Portugal

Sources / further reading:

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