Victorian Scottish Jewelry


Victorian Specimen Agate bracelet in Sterling Silver and centered with a large faceted Citrine.

Another rage in the Victorian era was Scottish jewelry (or ‘pebble jewelry’ as it was also known).  This fashion was begun by Queen Victoria after she bought Balmoral Castle in the Caledonian woodlands of Scotland in 1848.

Balmoral Castle, the romantically situated Highland home so beloved by our Royal Family. Its position by the River Dee, facing the majestic range of Lochnagar, makes it one of the most beautiful of Royal residences

Balmoral Castle

Victoria had Stuart ancestry and she absolutely loved all things Scottish.  After the purchase of the castle, she began to avidly collect Scottish jewelry.  Fashion soon followed.  Scottish jewelery was often made with silver and set with stones such as agate, moss agate, carnelian, bloodstone, jasper, Cairngorm (this was the most popular stone and is also called smoky yellow quartz and, less correctly, smoky topaz or Scotch topaz).  Scottish jewelry was also made with enamel work. Brooches and pins were by far the most popular form of Scottish jewelry worn.  One of the things which greatly added to the popularity of Scottish jewelry was the relative inexpensive of the materials used.  Initially only made in Scotland, this style of jewelry was soon adopted by English jewelry manufacturers also.

By 1851, fashionable people were wearing tartans with matching plaid bracelets.  The fashion for Scottish jewelry and all things Scottish continued until 1861 when Albert died and it fell out of vogue.


Photograph of young Victorian woman wearing Scottish inspired fashion.  The bracelets on her arms might well be matching her dress. Circa 1851.

catphotoVictorian Scottish brooch with serpent motif, another Victorian fashion.  This piece is unusual in that it combines both fashions.  Set with a variety of native Scottish stones.

Victorian Scottish Agate Gold and Silver Bracelet


Victorian Scottish Agate, Silver and Gemstone Brooch

Fine antique jewelry Carnelian Brooch

Victorian Carnelian and Silver Brooch.  If not Scottish, inspired by Scottish design.

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